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How much do x-ray machines cost?

If you are a doctor or a dentist and you are running your own clinic, then you should consider having your own x-ray machine. This is far better than having to refer your patients to diagnostic laboratories and other clinics. There are several advantages to this:

  • You will be doing a great service to your patients, since it would be more convenient for them
  • Having your own machine could help you in making diagnose
  • It could improve your reputation
  • It would be an additional profit maker for you

Because of these reasons, you should really look into the possibility of getting your very own x-ray machine to help you in your clinic.

Buying Your Own X-Ray Machine

There are two things that have to be purchased. These are the machine itself and the darkroom. The darkroom is where the film is developed. These are both necessary in order for you to use the system.

Cost of an X-Ray Machine

There are different types of x-ray machines and each type would cost differently. The difference in the prices is substantial. While all x-ray machines are expensive, some types would really cost a great deal of money.

Buying anew x-ray machine can cost about $20,000. There are cheaper machines but if you are going to buy expensive equipment anyway, why go for the cheap ones? Then there are the additional costs of the films and the operation of the whole system. Operational and maintenance cost could be several hundred dollars each month and then you might have to hire someone to operate and maintain the machine. Having your own machine can be very costly and expensive. Thatís why you need to really think about it if it is something that you would want to have.

Is it Worth it?

Now, the question is whether it is worth it to buy such an expensive machine. It is, but you have to look at it in the long run. If you are referring your patients to other clinics that has an x-ray machine then that is not going to help you at all. That would be like a restaurant telling a customer to buy their drink at the other joint across the street and to come back and eat their food. Patients would naturally go to a place that has everything in it. So, if you want to build your reputation, then you should get your own machine now.

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