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How to Become an X-Ray Technician

An x-ray technician works in hospitals and other medical settings to provide patients with services that can detect illness and disease using x-ray technology. X-rays are an important tool in identifying some illness, broken bones, and many other types of conditions. You do need to have some training and a background education in medicine to enter this field of medicine.

Your Training and Education

The education that you choose can vary significantly, with some students choosing a certificate program and others choosing a bachelors degree in x-ray technology. Most students spend a minimum of two years in college before becoming an x-ray technician, while others spend four years or more on their education. The more training that you have, the more favorably hospitals and other medical care facilities will look at you when you apply for employment. Some states also require that technicians have a current license to work in x-ray technology, as well.

As with other medical fields, an x-ray technician must complete at least twenty-four hours of continuing education in their field every twenty-four months. This allows technicians to learn more about new technology and advances in the field of x-rays, as well as learning more about patient care in general. Continuing education can include attending seminars, taking college classes, and working with others in the field outside their normal employment position. There are many options for current technicians to earn their continuing education credits.

Your Career

As an x-ray technician, you will work in a medical setting. Most technicians work in hospitals, but there are also some technicians who work in nursing care facilities and other medical facilities where x-ray technology is used. Others, especially those with experience in the field and an advanced degree, may work teaching new students about x-ray technology. One of the advantages of entering a career as a technician is that you will have plenty of employment opportunities, even during recession times.

As an x-ray technician, you will work with a wide variety of people, including people of all ages. You may maintain equipment in your office, prepare patients for their x-ray, and assist other technicians in patient care. As a technician, you will also need to follow the basic safety procedures for all people who work with radiation. This is an exciting job opportunity that allows you to help others and meet an exciting array of people from around the world.

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