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How to clean a x-ray machine

When it comes to helping doctors in diagnosing the problems of patients, x-ray machines have been very useful for a long time now. They can be used for identifying problems with different internal organs such as the heart and lungs. They can also be used in looking for problems with bones and in identifying the location of foreign objects within the body.

Precautions in Using an X-Ray Machine

These machines are reliant on radiation in order for them to serve their function. It is common knowledge that too much exposure to the radiation that it emits can be harmful to humans. Normally it should not be dangerous, but it might cause some problems if the proper precaution is not taken. That is why it is necessary to take the extra precautions that you see on the X-Ray rooms of clinics and hospitals.

There are concerns regarding the effects of the radiation generated by the machine on the reproductive system of a patient. This is the reason why an X-Ray should be performed on a pregnant patient unless it is absolutely necessary. In some places the patients and the personnel inside the X-Ray room are all required to wear protection made from lead. This metal is known to stop radiation from penetrating.

How the Machine Works

The machine generates a beam that is changed into X-ray photons. This new beam can then be projected onto a surface such as the body of the patient. The denser parts of the body such as bones will absorb the X-ray while the skin and the softer tissues will not. The beam will then hit the exposed film and produce the images that we are all familiar with. We could clearly see the denser organs and parts of the body.

How to Clean a X-Ray Machine

Like all machines, an x-ray machine would require to be cleaned in order for it to function properly. The tube that generates the powerful beam is the most essential component of the device. It has to be kept clean at all times in order to ensure that it is going to function properly.

Like all machines that uses electricity to function, one has to make sure that the X-Ray machine is powered down and disconnected from it power supply before starting to clean it. One should not use anything that is not recommended by the manufacturers of the machine or by experts in cleaning it.

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