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Types of x-ray machines

The x-ray machines that are used today uses a beam of photons for bombarding the body. The image formed on a film would show the dense parts of the body to be distinct from the softer tissues.† It could also reveal the location of any foreign objects that might be there. This is the general way that x-ray machines function.

Types of X-Ray Machines

There are different types of x-ray machines that are in use today. Here are just some of those:

CT Scanner- This machines looks like a tunnel where the body of the patient is placed. It takes two dimensional images of the patientís body. There are several x-ray detectors arrayed inside the tunnel and while the patient is in there, these detectors get the needed data and then send that to a computer which produces a detailed image that can be used by the doctors.

ct scanner

Bone X-Ray Machine- This machine consists of a tube that emits an x-ray beam over a table where examinations are held. The film is placed under the table. It could make images of the body. It is most often used for looking at the bones and see if there are any damages of fractures there.† It could also be used for checking other internal organs.

Linear Accelerator- Instead of being used for making images of the body, this kind of x-ray machine is actually used for treatment. The radiation that it emits is used for bombarding cancerous growths in the body. The intense radiation is supposed to kill the growth without affecting the rest of the body. The photons used†† in this machine are a lot stronger than in the ones used for taking images of patients.

Backscatter X-Ray Machine- This is the kind of machine used in airport security. It uses a different principle as compared for those used in x-ray machines found in hospitals. This machine measures the amount of photons that passes through an object, what it measures instead is the ability of a material to scatter the photons. It can create an image faster than other types of x-ray machines and so can be used for real time imaging. The image could actually be viewed on the screen as the objects are passing through.

Those are the more common types of x-ray machines that are in use today. As you can see, these machines are not just used in medicine but other industries as well.

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