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X-ray technician

X-Ray technicians are the people who operate the x-ray machines. They work hospitals, medical and dental clinics. They are the ones who perform x-ray examinations on the head, torso and the limbs of the patients.

Diagnostic radiographers as they are known in Australia should possess certain qualities. These are personal qualities as well as certain educational achievements.

X-Ray Technician

Personal Qualities of an X-Ray Technician

Radiographers use state of the art technology in their work. It is therefore important that they should be interested in science and the latest technology as well. They donít have to be geniuses on the level of a rocket scientist, but they should have enough interest and knowledge in the field. Since they would be dealing with patients, some of whom might be seriously sick, it is therefore crucial that they should have excellent skills when it comes to dealing with other people. They should know how to sooth the feelings of the patients who might be distressed.


In order for you to work as an x-ray technician in Australia, you should have studied medical imaging or diagnostic radiography in an institute of higher learning. These courses last for three years. After that period of study, you need to do a PDY or what is known as a professional development year.† There are also some universities that are offering 4 year courses in the field. If you opt to go for the longer educational program, then you no longer have to do the PDY.

One must complete these educational and training requirements before being accredited as a qualified x-ray technician. Foreigners who wish to work as diagnostic radiographers in Australia need an additional requirement. They should also show evidence that they have a certain level of fluency when it comes to the English language.

Registration and License

The licensing and regulation of x-ray technicians is the task of each state. Each state has its own regulation and laws that concern the licensing and the registration of x-ray technicians. The fees and cost involved in the process would also be different for each state.

Persons who have not practiced for several years and would like to get a license again are required to undergo a special course which would help to refresh their skills. Those who have not practiced for ten years or longer may even be required to retake the original program for training. This is needed because the technology changes so rapidly that their knowledge becomes obsolete.

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