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Your Job as an X-Ray Technician

An x-ray technician is an important part of the medical industry. Those who work in this field have completed their education and training, and are able to work with patients in hospitals and other medical settings. This is an excellent career choice for anyone who loves to work with people, and who wants to become a member of the medical community.

Jobs Available

There are many x-ray technicians who work to take and develop x-rays that are used to diagnose specific medical conditions. As a technician, you typically won’t diagnose to interpret the x-ray yourself, but will prepare the patient and take the x-rays for a radiologist to interpret. You may also work with computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging in addition to x-rays, as well. This is a very important field of medicine that allows doctors and patients to identify and treat illness, diseases and accidental injuries successfully. You may work in a hospital, but there are many health care facilities that use the services of a technician to successfully diagnose and treat patients.

With a two year Associates degree in x-ray technology you can enter the workforce as an x-ray technician. You may need to pass your certification exam before you accept a position in the medical community, but your course work and hands-on training will prepare you for the exam. Many people who enter this field begin earning well over $50,000 per year, even with just an Associate’s degree in x-ray technology. You will find that this career is also personally rewarding, since you will be allowed to work with a wide range of people to find and treat illnesses in patients.

Your Future

Like other people in the medical field, there is a high demand for those with a degree and license as an x-ray technician. This is one of the careers that are expected to become more necessary in the future, as well, ensuring new graduates are able to find employment for many years to come. If you are interested in becoming an x-ray technician, you will have one of the fastest growing jobs in the field of medicine. As more x-ray technicians are needed, the pay will also increase allowing you to earn more with more experience.
As an x-ray technician, you will be able to have the job of your dreams working with people to assist them in becoming healthier.

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